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Microchips, why bother?

In the heart of the US Dog Coalition and Rescue, a community of individuals tirelessly strives to ensure the safety and happiness of their rescue dogs. Central to this mission is the meticulous practice of microchipping, an investment not only in resources but a deep commitment to the well-being of the rescue dog.

Adopters, welcoming a new family member, are equipped with the information about their four-legged companions. Among these details is the information about the microchip. Yet, a perplexing trend emerges – less than 50% of adopters take the step of registering their pets' microchips.

The US Dog Coalition and Rescue, uses Fi Nano as their microchip company, the company uses a QR code to register information for the microchip. After scanning the QR code, adopters are directed to a website. Here, a prompt encourages them add login credentials and contact information, unlocking a potential lifeline for their beloved pets.

What do those two minutes mean? Could this brief commitment be the key to the difference between a joyous reunion and the heartache of a lost pet never to return?

Recognizing the concerning trend of adopters neglecting to update their contact information, the US Dog Coalition and Rescue strategically partners with Fi Nano. This choice not only safeguards the rescue organization as a secondary contact but also adds an extra layer of security.

In 2023 two incidents put the resilience of microchip registration to the test. One involves an escape by a dog through a broken fence, and the other Daisy Mae, who decided to explore the world off-leash in a park.

In both instances, a call that, thanks to the not updated microchip information, lands not in the hands of the adopters but with the US Dog Coalition and Rescue.

Daisy's escapade, in particular, leaves a mark on her owner. Her owner, shared her thoughts about the moment when Daisy vanished into the trees chasing a squirrel, via email. She expresses gratitude for the call from the Rescue.

"I have never felt the overwhelming fear that washed through me that evening. When your call came AND I saw your Rescue name on my phone and then talked to you, the relief that she was safe was beyond any words I can express," she wrote. She wanted me to share her thoughts about the importance of adding your information to the microchip and always also have a collar with identifying information on your pet.

Those two minutes could be the bridge between finding a lost pet and the heart-wrenching reality of living without them. Please don't forget to register your pet's microchip and update it every time you have a change in email, address or phone number.

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