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Our Projects

Ciudad Juárez: Urgent Fundraising for a Shelter in Need

In Ciudad Juárez, we assisted our dear friend, Ana Felix, who operates a private shelter. Ana was facing a lease termination and we assisted Ana by providing funding raised through grants and fundraisers for Ana to complete her new shelter in record time.

The urgency of this situation was dire. If Ana didn't succeed in completing the shelter, over 200 dogs would have been homeless and she would have had no choice but to return them to the streets.


Our organization relies on Ana's shelter to provide a safe haven for dogs in dire need, many of whom we rescue and bring into our care.

We are calling on our compassionate community to extend a helping hand to ensure Ana can continue on her rescue efforts in less-than-desirable circumstances and environments.  Any support, whether big or small, makes a significant difference.

Your generosity can change the fate of dogs, sparing them from a life on the streets. Your contribution will have a lasting impact, allowing us to continue our mission of rescuing and caring for these deserving animals.

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