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RESCUE is our main focus, in NC, in Mexico, there is never a shortage of dogs in need of rescue. We collaborate frequently with local and global rescues.


One of our missions is to teach the population of Copper Canyon the importance of spaying and neutering and that it is best for a pet to be indoors with proper care and feeding. Education of good dog ownership is vital to reducing stray and abandoned dogs in the US and Mexico.


Vet care in the Copper Canyon is rare, in Creel where the shelter is being built the closest vet has to travel over an hour to get there.


Many rescue dogs suffer from visible and invisible scars and wounds. It is part of our mission to rehabilitate the dogs before we release them to adopters.


We are fortunate enough to partner with spay and neuter clinics that visit the Copper Canyon, but they only come to the area once or twice a year, so we are always looking for volunteer veterinarians. We are collaborating with local veterinarians to provide the best care for our rescue dogs.


We love to collaborate with rescues, vet partners, volunteers and shelters, contact us.


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